Tråk när man fortfarande inte kunnat somna om.

1: Could you go the rest of your life without smoking a cigarette? 
2: Are you single/taken/heartbroken/confused?
3: Will next Friday be a good one? 
it'll probably be the same as this one. Nothing's going on.
4: Ever been told “it’s not you, it’s me”?
5: Are you interested in anyone right now?
to say the least.
6: What are you looking forward to in the next week?
some emails and letters.
7: Do you want to be single?
not really.
8: Did you go out or stay in last night?
stay in.
9: How late did you stay up last night?
hmm til 11.30 p.m
10: Can you recall the last time you realized you liked someone a lot?
11: Last three things you had to drink? 
Hot cocoa, water & milk.
12: Have you pretended to like someone?
13: Have you ever told somebody you loved them and not actually meant it?
yes i have.
14: Honestly, has anyone seen you in your underwear in the past 3 months?
15: Is it hard for you to get over someone?
depends on who it is what what she/he done.
16: Think back five months ago, were you single?
17: What were you doing at 12:30 this afternoon?
its an hour left. probably gonna be sleeping.
18: Hold hands with anyone this week?
19: Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?
if i really put my mind into it. but I can't really answer that.
20: What would you name your future daughter?
21: Do you miss anyone?
22: Have you kissed three or more people in one night?
lol does spin the bottle game count?
23: Did your last kiss take place in/on a bed?
no. airport.
24: Are you good at hiding your feelings?
oh yeah.
25: Have you ever cried from being so mad?
many times.
26: Who did you last see in person?
My brother.
27: Are you listening to music right now?
No, watcing 'full house' while answering these questions.
28: What is something you currently want right now?
too many things. One is an important e-mail.
29: What is the last thing you said out lot?
30: How is your heart lately?
31: Do you wear the hood on your hoodie?
most of the times.
32: Are you wearing socks?
not right now. Too hot inside.
33: What do people call you?
By my name.
34: Will you talk to the person you like tonight?
already did that.
35: Are there any stressful situations in your life?
wish there wasn't but right now there's at least 7 different things.
36: Who did you last share a bed with?
Victoria haha.
37: Did you do something bad today?
Well said something bad, that I already regret.
38: When was the last time a member of the opposite sex hugged you?
like two weeks ago.
39: Do you get stressed out easily?
40: Will you sing today?
41: Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but didn’t?
way too many times.
42: Who do you go to when you need to talk to someone?
me, myself and I.
43: Have you ever been taken to the emergency room in an ambulance?
not that I know of.
44: What are you listening to right now?
a sitcom.
45: What is wrong with you right now?
a lot.
46: What is on your wrists right now?
47: Where did you get the shirt/sweatshirt you’re wearing?
I have no idea. it's my shirt when I dye my hair.
48: What do you like better: hot chocolate or hot apple cider?
hot chocolate.
49: Do you make wishes at 11:11?
50: Are you a good artist?
51: Love really is a beautiful thing huh?
yeah when it works.
52: Do you miss the way things were six months ago?
oh god yes.
53: Ever been on a golf cart?
54: Do you have trust issues?
55: Ever stayed up all night on the phone, with who?
yes, several people.
56: Do you own something from Hot Topic?
yes, mostly makeup and some jewelry.
57: Do you use chap stick?
58: Have you ever slapped someone in the face?
59: Do you have a little sister?
60: Have you ever been to New York?
unfortunately not.
61: Think of the last person who said I love you, do you think they meant it?
62: Have you hugged someone within the last week?
my dog lol.
63: What were you doing at midnight last night?
64: Have you ever regretted kissing someone?
65: Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?
66: Were your last three kisses from the same person?
67: Have you kissed anyone in the last five days?
my dog hahah.
68: Would you rather sleep with someone else or alone?
someone else.
Frukost nu.


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